"Lincoln was the first new school built in Evansville for the black minority community. The school cost $275,000 to build. The school included twenty-two classrooms, a gymnasium, auditorium, sewing room, home economics kitchen, study hall, and manual training center. However, Lincoln didn't have a cafeteria. The library had no books and the board refused to allocate money for that purpose. To stock the library, Mrs. Alberta K. McFarland Stevenson, Lincoln's first librarian, went door to door collecting books and money donations. Classes were first begun in 1928. It was a K-12 school. Since Lincoln was the only black high school for miles around, black students from Mt. Vernon, Rockport, Newburgh, and Grandview were bussed to Evansville to attend Lincoln. In 1928, the enrollment was over 300. The last all-black high school class was graduated in June 1962. Lincoln was made a K-8 school in 1962. By September 1972, the Evansville-Vanderburgh schools began desegregating under the order of federal court Judge Hugh S. Dillin. In order to achieve integration, the inner city was cut into a pie and neighborhood children were bussed to other schools. Over the years, many new programs were put into place. Title I, after school programs, scouting, and business partnerships." 

History from "Times Never Forgotten-A History of the Central Attendance District 1824 to 1994" pages 36-45

In 1996, Lincoln adopted the year round calendar. School would be divided with shorter breaks. Intersessions would happen in October, March and June. Summer vacation would last for six weeks instead of the traditional nine weeks. In 2010, "Lincoln Elementary School" became "Lincoln School" when it became a K-8 school once again. In the 2013-2014 school year, Lincoln School switched back to the traditional school calendar to align with other schools in the district. We at Lincoln School our proud of our past and look forward to our promising future!

Past Principals

Dr. William E. Best 1928 - 1951
Dr. Charles E. Rochelle 1951 - 1962
Dr. Alfred D. Wiley 1962 - 1970
Mr. Coleridge Churchill 1970 - 1972
Dr. Anthony Brooks 1972 - 1974
Mr. Paul W. Farmer 1974 - 1977
Ms. Sandra Altheide 1978 - 1983
Mr. Ronald Talley 1983 - 1991
Ms. Rosemary Summers 1991 - 1997
Mrs. Kimberly Johnson 1997 - 2012
Ms. Ronnetha Darrett  2012 - 2018
Ms. Knetra Shaw 2018 - present

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